Kiccho Hozan and Dropped Balsamic

Shochu Brand: Kiccho Hozan,
Sweet Potato Shochu

Time: 10 sec

3oz Kiccho Hozan
1tsp Valsamic sauce
Reduce the Valsamic Sauce slowly in low heat. When it starts bubbling, add black sugar. Cook for little longer till it gets thick. You can keep room temperature. Served room temperature souce. Not hot. 

Directions: Make Kiccho Hozan on the rock. Pour in some of the condensed Valsamic vinegar with teaspoon. Leave the tea spoon when you serve.

Comment: While you are enjoying this cocktail, hardened condensed Valsamic vinegar slowly melt and mix into Kiccho Hozan. You can enjoy the changing flavor of the cocktail as the time passes.