Oze Brown


Oze Brown


Hops: Centennial, Willamette

ABV: 5.0%

Brewery Location: Gunma Prefecture

Style: Weizen

Nose: Floral nose with gently toasted malt

Flavor: Toasty, fruity and mellow

Food Pairings: Japanese, Western and Chinese Cuisines, but especially good with dishes cooked with Soy Sauce, such as Yakitori and Teriyaki

Tasting Notes: Thick, brown pour with crisp and malty flavor. Full bodied but easy to drink, with a clean aftertaste.

Awards: Monde Selection Gold Award(1999-2001)

Size: 330ml

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Brewery: Ryujin Shuzo
Founded: 1997(beer)   
Profile: Presented by the producer of "Oze no Yukidoke" sake.
Their motto for their beer is to use only malt, hops, water and yeast.  They add little twists to traditional beer styles in order to make beers reflective of nature, and suitable for Japanese Cuisine. 

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