Suigei Mann Junmai Daiginjo


Suigei Mann Junmai Daiginjo


Class: Junmai Daiginjo

Rice: Toku-A Grade Hyogo Yamada Nishiki

Rice-Polishing Ratio: 30%

Brewery Location: Kochi 

Food Pairings: Delicate washoku dishes, seafood cuisine

Tasting Notes: Brewed with the finest sake rice - the highest grade of Yamada Nishiki grown in the best terrior possible and polished to an astonishing 30% of the original size. Combined with Suigei's traditional kumamoto yeast KA-1, this creates powerful flavors and the gorgeous aromatics and round mouthfeel typical to Junmai Daiginjo grade sake. The fine aroma and a quick-cut finish can even help draw out the best flavors in a meal.

Size: 720ml

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Brewery: Suigei Brewery
Founded: 1872

Profile: The only Sakagura/Sake Brewery in Kochi City (named after alias of Yamauchi Yōdō, who was a Japanese Daimyo of the Shikoku region in the Edo period). They hope to make sake that is the best to pair with food - sake that is dry, yet with high acidity and umami - using the isolated Tosa Mountain range's pure spring water. This water contains no iron or manganese, which are detrimental elements in sake. The brewery is also quite particular about their ingredients - the rice is polished very carefully, and they use true Kumamoto Yeast. 

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