Tsukinoi Taiyori Ginjo


Tsukinoi Taiyori Ginjo


Class: Ginjo

Rice: Miyamanishiki

Rice-Polishing Ratio: 55%

Brewery Location: Ibaraki Prefecture

Food Pairings: White fish tempura, grilled white fish, seafood cooked in white wine, and lightly flavored dishes.

Tasting Notes: This dry and clean sake has a comfortable mouthfeel and refreshing finish. The bottle label was designed by well known Japanese artist/actor Mr. Tsurutaro Kataoka.

Size: 720ml

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BreweryTsukino-I Shuzo Ten
Founded: 1865

Profile: Tsukinoi Brewery, known as the sea-breeze brewery located in Ibaraki prefecture on Japan’s Pacific coast, has a 150-year history of sake making.

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