How to enjoy sake at different temperatures

Depending of the category and type, Japanese sake can be enjoyed at a variety of temperatures. But Japanese sake is a luxury drink so don't fail to experiment. Sake is always best enjoyed when the drinker finds the temperature he or she prefers the most.

1. Fragrant sake

[Junmai Daiginjo / Junmai ginjo / Daiginjo / ginjo]

Temp. Around 50 °F or between 50-59 °F

When chilled, this type of sake has a refreshing taste. However, please remember that if the sake is chilled too much, the fragrance will be reduced and the mild taste will dissipate.

2. Clean & Smooth sake

[Namazaké/ Nama Chozo / Nama Zume]

Temp. Around 41 °F or between 41-50 °F
This type of sake has to be chilled well to produce a clean and fresh taste.

3. Aged sake


Temp. Between 59-77 °F or around 95 °F
Aged sake ranges from light to heavy in type, so it can be enjoyed at different temperatures, depending on its heaviness and your preferences. It is best to warm a heavy sake but it should not be served too hot.

4. Rich sake

[Junmai / Honjozo]

Temp. Around 59 °F or between 59-68 °F and around 104 °F or between 104-122 °F
If this type of sake is chilled, it becomes difficult to detect its rich and full-bodied tastes, so this type is better served warm. The ideal temperature depends upon the character of the sake . If the sake is a dry type, then its sharpness and freshness can be best enjoyed at higher temperatures (113-122 °F). The smooth type is best if served at around 104 °F.