Kikusui Funaguchi Shinmai Shinshu Nama Genshu


Kikusui Funaguchi Shinmai Shinshu Nama Genshu


Class: Honjozo, NamaGenshu

Rice: Gohyakumangoku

Rice-Polishing Ratio: 70%

Brewery Location: Niigata

Food Pairings: Yakitori and other light salty dishes

Tasting Notes: Limited Edition Funaguchi "New-Rice New-Sake" "Shinmai-Shinshu" has arrived! Brewed using 100% newly harvested, locally grown Niigata Gohyakumangoku rice, this is a Funaguchi Experience you can only get your hands on once a year.
A rich and electrifyingly vivid treat for lovers of super fresh namazake. 

Size: Can 200ml

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Brewery: Kikusui Sake Co. LTD.
Founded: 1881

Profile: With 130 years of history on their shoulders, the Kikusui Sake Company of Niigata prefecture built themselves up from the bottom. The name "Kikusui" is a reference to a Noh theatre play, wherein the dew (Sui) from the petals of chrysanthemums (Kiku) grant eternal life.
In 2004 they established the Kikusui Sake Research Institute in an effort to both raise the bar on the quality of their offerings and wrestle with concepts such as enjoyment of sake, and sake culture. They are proud to produce "Funaguchi" - Japan's first commercially available Nama (unpasteurized) sake. 

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