Kinoene Junmai Migaki Hachiwari

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Iinuma Honke_Kinoene_Migaki 8Wari_J_720.jpg

Kinoene Junmai Migaki Hachiwari


Class: Junmai

Rice: Fusakogane

Rice-Polishing Ratio: 80%

Brewery Location: Chiba

Food Pairings: Japanese dishes, Meat dishes

Tasting Notes: Intentionally not polishing away the outer layers of sake rice will contribute to a stronger personality and boldness of umami in Junmai sake. Thanks to this, Kinoene Migaki 8-wari Junmai can be enjoyed at a variety of temperatures, and will pair well with not only Japanese dishes but Western style meat dishes. 

Awards: Bronze - US Sake Competition 2012

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Brewery: Iinuma Honke - Kinoene Masamune
Founded: 1688~1703

Profile: They have been making sake in Chiba prefecture for 300 years, combining tradition and art with technology. Kinoene Masamune participates in the community as well by contributing to tourism, and develops & sells confections and sake-related goods to enrich local culture and commerce.

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