Kunizakari Nigori Sake Cup

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Nakano_Kunizakari_Nigori Cup_F_200.jpg

Kunizakari Nigori Sake Cup


Class: Futsushu

Brewery Location: Aichi Prefecture

Food Pairings: Tuna Sashimi, Pork Tonkatsu with Miso Sauce, Katsuo no Tataki, Anago Tempura

Tasting Notes: This plush, velvety Nigori sake was previously a treat only available to individuals who could visit the Kunizakari Brewery.  It has a calming and rustic flavor that is highly enjoyable chilled or on ice. 

Size: 200ml

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Brewery: Nakano Shuzo
Founded: 1844

Profile: With 171 years of history on their shoulders, Nakano Shuzo challenges every day by creating new flavors while also preserving their traditional skills and methods to meet a wide range of consumer's needs.

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