Kyohina Gookunen Junmai Daiginjo


Kyohina Gookunen Junmai Daiginjo


Class: Junmai Daiginjo

Rice: Yamada Nishiki

Rice-Polishing Ratio: 40%

Brewery Location: Ehime

Food Pairings: Carpaccio, Lobster, Beef Steak, Steamed Mussels, Grilled Fish and other seafood dishes

Tasting Notes: Elegant and understated aroma. First sip comes with spritz of umami, and it finishes clean and clear. Is best enjoyed with food and pairs well with delicate dishes.  

Size: 720ml

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Brewery: Sakeroku Shuzo

Profile: Sakeroku's brewery is located in Uchiko-cho, a small town sandwiched between sunset plains and towering mountains. All of their sake rice is contracted from farmers in the local area, and their sake, shochu and liqueur products are all completely hand-made. 

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