Mio Sparkling Sake


Mio Sparkling Sake


Class: Sparkling

Rice: Non-disclosed

Rice-Polishing Ratio: Non-disclosed

Brewery Location: Hyogo(Nada)

Food Pairings: Excellent as an aperitif, and a great match for a variety of foods, Mio is also delightful with desserts containing acidic fruit.  

Tasting Notes: Lively aromas of grape and ripe pear rise out of the light effervescence which presents the palate with a gentle sweetness paired with a refreshing acidity when initially sipped. 

Awards: 2015 Sake Good in Wine Glass, Gold Award
2014 Japanese Foodservice Industry Newspaper, Commendment to High Craft
2013 Japanese DIME Publication Trend Awards, 1st Place
2013 Japanese Culinary Newspaper Hit Products Awards, Big Hit


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Brewery: Shirakabegura Brewery
Founded: 2001

Profile:Utilizing Japan's famous miyamizu water, and carefully selected rice. Shirakabegura comvines expert knowledge with cutting edge technology designed to faithfully capture the delicate esence of hands-on brewing techniques, enabling our dedicated brewery staff to bring you sake that accurately reflects their aspirations.

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