Miwatari Petillant Junmai Ginjo


Miwatari Petillant Junmai Ginjo


Class: Junmai Ginjo

Rice: Nagano Hitogokochi

Rice-Polishing Ratio: 59%

Brewery Location: Nagano Prefecture

Food Pairings: Meat Dishes with demi-glace or cream sauce, fish sauce

Tasting Notes: Despite undergoing hii-re (pasteurization) this sake retains the rich aroma and fresh taste of raw, freshly pressed sake. On the palate it shows soft and rich, with ripe peach aromas and the echo of Nagano Alps' terroir. Subtle black currant tones and a vibrant acidity balance out the rice's umami, and lead into a long finish.

Size: 720ml

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Brewery: Toshimaya Corporation
Founded: 1867

Profile: Established in Okaya City, 770 meters above sea level in the year 1867, Toshimaya brews sake that is wildly popular amongst the locals of Shinano and Nagano Prefecture. Taking advantage of the extreme cold and using rice contracted from 6 quality farmers in Nagano Prefecture, they aim to brew true local sake.

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