Mutsu Hassen Tokubetsu Junmai

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Hachinohe_Mutsu Hassen_TJ_720.jpg

Mutsu Hassen Tokubetsu Junmai


Class: Tokubetsu Junmai

Rice: Hanafubuki

Rice-Polishing Ratio: 60%

Brewery Location: Aomori

Food Pairings: Washoku cuisine, sashimi, grilled red snapper

Tasting Notes: A tokubetsu junmai grade sake with powerful flavor, finesse'd aromatics, soft umami undertones. A fantastic component to any omakase. 

Size: 720ml

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Brewery: Hachinohe Shuzo
Founded: 1775

Profile: Hachinohe sake brewery was established in 1775; it’s wooden buildings date to the Taisho era. The current Toji (aka. head of the brewery) is Ito Masami: a descendant of both Nanbu Toji (aka. Northern-style) and Kan-Jikomi (aka. cold, slow fermentation style).  Ito san produces ‘Mutsu Hassen’ sake as part of the Ganja Natural Sake Club: a group devoted to sustainable cultivation of rice and water used for sake brewing. 

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