Nagaragawa Junmai Ginjo


Nagaragawa Junmai Ginjo


Class: Junmai Ginjo

Rice: Hida Homare

Rice-Polishing Ratio: 55%

Brewery Location: Gifu

Food Pairings: Salmon Sashimi, Fried Seafood, Roast Beef, Teriyaki Hamburg steak

Tasting Notes: This Junmai Ginjo sake has excellent floral aromatics, an edge underneath the umami, and a mild aftertaste that is ultimately satisfying. Made with locally grown Hidahomare rice.

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Brewery: Komachi Shuzo
Founded: 1894

Profile: Nagaragawa is the river that has been a central fishing spot for 1300 years - this water ultimately finds its way into KomachiShuzo's underground well water. They are the proud winners of several competitions, and are often featured on magazines due to their high quality sake and skill level in brewing.Their sake is also famously known as "Symphony Sake" due to the fact that they play music while the sake is fermenting in the tanks - some say this has an effect on the final product.

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