Nanbu Bijin All Koji


Nanbu Bijin All Koji


Class: Junmai

Rice: Miyama Nishiki and Toyonishiki

Rice-Polishing Ratio: 65%

Brewery Location: Iwate

Food Pairings: Chicken Liver, Foie Gras, Citrus

Tasting Notes: The brainchild of the current brewery head. Generally sake is brewed with 20% Komekoji (Koji-inoculated rice) and 80% regular steamed rice. Komekoji is extremely volatile and requires a skillful hand to produce even a small amount. Hours of effort go into each batch. However, one day it occurred to the brew master - would it be possible to brew good Sake using 100% Komekoji?
As this unique, special sake is thick, sweet, and overladen with acidity and umami, Nanbu Bijin All Koji can be enjoyed on the rocks, diluted with water, and mixed with fruits sangria style. It boasts a deep amber color and the various vintages can be aged at home to enjoy the different stages of development. 

Size: 500ml

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Brewery: Nanbu Bijin
Founded: 1902

Profile: The brewery was established in 1902, and the Nanbu Bijin brand name came to be in 1951. The Iwate area used to be called Nanbu (South), and is a place rich with nature, abundant water and fertile soil. In Japan, most breweries of the time made quite rough, inelegant, sweet sake, but this brewery wanted to make clean & beautiful sake like a fair southern maiden. Hence, the name Nanbu Bijin, or Southern Beauty. 

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