Nanotsuki 80 Junmai

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Tsukinoi_Nanotuski 80_J_720.jpg

Nanotsuki 80 Junmai


Class: Junmai

Rice: Local Miyama Nishiki

Rice-Polishing Ratio: 80%

Brewery Location: Ibaraki Prefecture

Food Pairings: Cheese, Sashimi, Nabe (Japanese Hot Pot) especially Anko Nabe, Steak

Tasting Notes: Thanks to the skilled workman in the rice fields and sake brewery, this Nanotsuki 80 can be brewed. Unlike common Junmai grade sake, this is made with JSA certified organic rice, allowing one to clearly taste powerful earthy flavors and the umami of the rice. 

They hope that by using this certified-organically grown sake rice, they can make sake that is kind to the body. 

Size: 720ml

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Brewery: Tsukino-I Shuzo Ten
Founded: 1865

Profile: Tsukino-I (aka. “The Moon’s well”) Shuzo Ten was established in the Keio era and has been brewing Sake here at the Matsumaeya (aka. “In front of the pine tree”) for the past 150 years. The current Toji is Masayoshi Kikuchi: a descendant of Nanbu Toji Sake-school.  On the 140th anniversary of the brewery, Masayoshi-san began using Organic Miyama Nishiki rice to brew their sake. As a brewery they brew both day and night! And their motto is more or less that if they can even get one person to say that their sake is delicious, all of their hard work will have been worth it; to work with all of their heart and souls both day and night will have been a worthy investment.

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