Otokoyama Cup


Otokoyama Cup


Class: Futsushu

Rice: Mashigura & Others

Rice-Polishing Ratio: 75%

Brewery Location: Aomori

Food Pairings: Can pair easily with everything, but goes especially well with fish dishes

Tasting Notes: The dry, light ricey flavor dances across the pallet. It is the #1 Sake consumed in the Hachinohe area - the local favorite for everyday consumption. 

Size: Cup 180ml

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Brewery: Hachinohe Shuzo
Founded: 1775

Profile: For the past 240 years, from generation to generation, they have been brewing Mutsu Otokoyama sake. They are well known as an Aomori Jizake, and only use rice from Aomori with hands from Aomori. 

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