Senkin Modern Kamenoo


Senkin Modern Kamenoo


Class: Junmai Daiginjo

Rice: Kamenoo

Rice-Polishing Ratio: Koji 40% / Kakemai 50%

Brewery Location: Tochigi prefecture

Food Pairings: Grilled Ayu with tade vinegar, grilled conger eel with yuzu pepper, fresh spring rolls with yuzu and lemon vinegar, winter melon with crab sauce, cold steamed chicken, steamed scallops, marinated salmon with lemon

Tasting Notes: Kame No O is one of the few pure strains of Sakamai left in Japan; most varietals are crossbreeds, and this rarity fell out of use with the rise of Gohyakumangoku due to it's difficulty to farm. In the autumn, the scenery of rice growing in golden fields is bursting with energy. Kame No O displays serene yet wild features, and a truly unique savory aftertaste. The sake is elegant and aromatic with a dense peach-like character, yet a silky mouthfeel with refreshing brightness exhibiting the rice's depth and complexity. The brewery encourages drinkers to sip their sake out of Bordeaux wine glasses to truly discover the sensory potential of their brews.

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Brewery: SENKIN Inc.
Founded: 1806

Profile: Using the same concept as Domaine in wine, Senkin's rice is grown with the same water used to brew sake. They use ancient natural techniques from the eddo period.

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