Tamano Hikari Junmai Ginjo Reizou Shu


Tamano Hikari Junmai Ginjo Reizou Shu


Class: Junmai Ginjo

Rice: Yamadanishiki and Others

Rice-Polishing Ratio: 60%

Brewery Location: Kyoto

Food Pairings: Ramen, Japanese Food, Tempura

Tasting Notes: For Sake Slurries! This Ginjo Sake that has been made for over 340 years is stored in freezer proof packs - the brewery recommends that you freeze this sake and pour into your glass for a very special treat, but it can be enjoyed in the normal fashion as well. 

Size: Pack 300ml

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Brewery: Tamano Hikari Brewery
Founded: 1673

Profile: For over 300 years, Tamano Hikari Brewery has been working their hardest to brew supreme quality sake. Their motto is that "Good Sake comes from Good Rice" and so they polish all of their sake rice - obtained through contracts with private farmers - within the walls of their brewery.
They were one of the first to halt the use of additives like alcohol and sugar, but were also the first to halt use of preservatives, and basically reestablished Junmai sake. In 1980, they added Ginjo style sake to their repertoire. 
Now almost all the sake they produce is Junmai Ginjo style.

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