Tengumai Umajun Junmai


Tengumai Umajun Junmai


Class: Junmai

Rice: Gohyakumangoku

Rice-Polishing Ratio: 0.6

Brewery Location: Ishikawa Prefecture

Food Pairings: Boldly flavored dishes such as Miso hotpot and Stewed dishes. 

Tasting Notes: A very enjoyable dry sake from Tengumai. Full expansive flavor with a great body and enjoyable mouth feel. Light umami on the palate. this is a wonderful sake to pair with food.

Size: 720ml.

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Brewery: Shata brewery
Founded: 1823

Profile: Established in 1823, in the shadow of one of Japan's largest volcanic mountains Mt. Haku. With the blessing of this dormant goddess (namely, her naturally filtered water) they brew exquisite sake. 

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