Tenmei Junmai


Tenmei Junmai


Class: Junmai

Rice: Yamadanishiki

Rice-Polishing Ratio: Kojimai 60% / Kakemai 65%

Brewery Location: Fukushima Prefecture

Food Pairings: Meat dishes

Tasting Notes: In sake brewing, when building the mash there is a process called San-Dan-Jikomi (three stage brewing) where the koji and kakemai (steamed sake brewing rice) are added in three steps over the course of four days. While normally the kakemai of all three steps would consist of a single rice varietal, Akebono Shuzo had other ideas.

On the first day, Gohyakumangokuis used, but on the second they add Kameno Oo sake rice to increase umami and crispness. Then on the third day, Yume no Kaori sake rice is used to soften and sweeten the flavor. After the brewing stage is completed, Akebono Shuzo also rests the sake in freezing tempreratures. The resulting sake is soft and layered, with a plump yet crisp flavor.

Size: 720ml

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Brewery: Akebono Shuzo
Founded: 1904

Profile: This humble brewery is located in the valley of Aizubange, a gem blessed with cold winters and clean rivers in the northern portion of the Aizu region in Fukushima Prefecture. The valley's rice cultivation is the crux of their economy, and in order to reflect the interesting terrior of Aibugante, Akebono Shuzo uses 100% local sake rice. Thanks to this, as well as their dedication to small details and brewery clensliness (all equipment is hand cleaned and dried at high temperatures - any cloth used in the machines is boiled) their sake has a very pure flavor and is highly suitable to enjoy alongside a meal.

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