Yayoi Araroka


Yayoi Araroka


Type of Shochu: Otsu Rui

Main Ingredient: Brown Sugar, Rice Koji

Type of Koji-Kin: White Koji-Kin

Distillation Method: Single (Normal Pressure)

Aged: 1-2 Years

Alcohol by Volume: 24%

Food Pairings: Grilled Meat, Tempura, Miso Braised Pork        

Tasting Notes: Through the time-tested original method of rough-filtering, more umami is extracted, and a smooth, rich flavor is crafted.   

Awards: Monde Selection 2009 - Grade Gold Medal
Monde Selection 2010, 2011 - Gold Medal
Los Angeles Wine & Spirits Competition 2014 - Silver Award

Size: 750ml

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Distillery: Yayoi
Distillery Location: Kagoshima
Founded: 1922   
Profile: The oldest brewery in Amami Ooshima, Okinawa. Still a family business, they made handmade Kokuto Shochu using premium Okinawan brown sugar and thai rice for their komekoji. Thanks to this they are able to produce aromatic and flavorful Kokuto Shochu. 

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