Kaido Imo Shochu


Kaido Imo Shochu


Type of Shochu: Otsu Rui

Main Ingredient: Sweet Potatoes, Rice Koji

Type of Koji-Kin: Black Koji-Kin

Distillation Method: Single (Normal Pressure)

Aged: More than 1 Year

Alcohol by Volume: 24%

Size: 750ml

Food Pairings: Chinese Cuisine, Steak and other Meat Dishes  

Tasting Notes: Has a soft mouthfeel, huge presence of umami, and a clean aftertaste. Kaido Shochu is a blend of sweet potato and rice Shochu. It is made using Koganesengan sweet potatoes from Kagoshima, and rice koji made with 100% Japanese rice, then is crafted skillfully and carefully using Black Koji.

Awards: Monde Selection 2009~2014 Gold Medal 6 times for 50pf 720ml 


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Distillery: Hamada 
Distillery Location: Kagoshima
Founded: 1868
Profile: Founded in Kagoshima prefecture (the birthplace of Imo Shochu) Hamada Brewery has passed down and preserved their traditions and skills for over 140 years. By combining this with research and innovation, they hope to help the world understand the appeal of Shochu. 

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