Mugon Shochu Aged 10 Years


Mugon Shochu Aged 10 Years


Type of Shochu: Otsu Rui

Main Ingredient: Rice, Rice Koji

Type of Koji-Kin: Shiro Koji-Kin

Distillation Method: Single (Less Pressure)

Aged: More than 10 Years

Alcohol by Volume: 40%

Food Pairings: Cheese, Nuts, Meat Dishes  

Tasting Notes: Sengetsu Shuzo's premium Rice Shochu sleeps in barrels of Kokuji (Evergreen Oak) for over ten years, lending it a peculiar and addictive flavor, a mellow aroma, and an impossibly round character. Pours a light, lovely amber color. 

Awards: Los Angeles Wine & Spirits Competition 2014 - Shochu Gold Medal

Size: 750ml


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Distillery: Sengetsu  
Distillery Location: Kumamoto  
Founded: 1903   
Profile: Established over 110 years ago, Sengetsu Shuzo produces mainly traditional Rice Shochu. Their name is borrowed from the famous and beloved Hitoyoshi Castle of Kumamoto Prefecture, which also carries a second name "Sengetsu Castle" or Crescent Moon Castle. The current Toji is the 6th distillery head, and he carries with him all the techniques and secrets of his predecessors. 

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