Naruto Kintoki Sato Musume


Naruto Kintoki Sato Musume


Type of Shochu: Honkaku Shochu

Main Ingredient: Sweet Potato

Type of Koji-Kin: White Koji Kin

Distillation Method: Normal Pressure

Aged: 1 Year

Alcohol by Volume: 25%

Food Pairings: Clams steamed with sake, vegetables and fish in dressings and other Japanese cuisine. Light flavored sashimi with sweeter soy sauce (Kyushu style). Pizza, Spaghetti and meat sauce & other western dishes.

Tasting Notes: This shochu is made from Sato Musume. It is grown in warm climate and mineral rich sea sand. It is the best type of Kintoki sweet potato. The shochu is full of the sweetness and aromas of Sato Musume and is soft on the palate. Beautifully rounded with a delicate smell and sweetness when served on the rocks or with hot water.

Size: 750ml

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Distillery Location: Tokushima
Founded: 1948   
Profile: Nissin Shurui Co., Ltd. has employed traditional techniques since the middle of the 19th century to brew sake and shochu, and developed a diverse line of other alcoholic beverages including liqueur, fruit sakes and mirin. They are especially esteemed for our Sudachi-chu and Naruto Kintoki Satomusume shochu products which utilize the unique natural bounty of the Awa area.Nissin Shurui uses modern, eco-friendly equipment in their production line that is veered towards high efficiency and strict quality management. They are ISO 22000 standard Certified.

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