Sakura Shiranami


Sakura Shiranami


Type of Shochu: Honkaku Shochu

Main Ingredient: Imo

Type of Koji-Kin: Yellow Koji

Distillation Method: -


Alcohol by Volume: 24-25%

Food Pairings: From tempura or other fried, fatty dishes and pork based dishes, to lighter dishes such as sushi and sashimi and even hot pot.

Tasting Notes: This extremely popular sweet potato shochu uses 100% fresh Kogane Sengan sweet potatoes from the Satsuma Region, and is brewed using yellow koji. Thanks to this stellar combination, the brew is highly aromatic, and the flavor is crisp and subtle - suitable to be served on the rocks, or even mizuwari / cut with water.

Size: 750ml

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Distillery Location: Kagoshima
Founded: 1936   
Profile: Satsuma Shuzo is located in the southernmost part of Satsuma Hanto (the Satsuma Peninsula), which is an area of clean waterand ideal and fertile soil for growing sweet potatoes. With these good ingredients and the skills and traditions of their Toji,delicious and high quality Shochu is made.Their motto is quality first, and to that aim they do not freeze any of the potatoes that they make their Shochu with.

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