Tomino Hozan


Tomino Hozan


Type of Shochu: Otsu Rui

Main Ingredient: Sweet Potato, Rice Koji

Type of Koji-Kin: Yellow Koji-Kin

Distillation Method: Single Normal Pressure

Aged: N/A

Alcohol by Volume: 25%(50 proof)

Food Pairings: Sea Bream Carpaccio, Sushi    

Tasting Notes: Using low-temperature fermentation, yellow koji (usually used in sake rather than shochu) and carefully selected sweet potatoes, Tomi no Hozan displays a sweet and citrusy aroma and light, enjoyable flavor. 

Awards: Internatioanl Wine & Spirits Competition 2014 - Silver Award
LA Wine & Spirits Competition 2014 - Gold Award
Monde Selection 2013 - Grand Gold Medal

Size: 750ml

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Distillery: Nishi
Distillery Location: Kagoshima Prefecture
Founded: 1845   
Profile: Believing that good shochu, like a good harvest, is nothing less than a gift from the earth, Nishi Shuzo only uses potatoes and rice grown by local farmers. Additionally the brewery itself is surrounded by mountains, and thus they are blessed with good water. 

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