Type of Shochu: Otsu Rui

Main Ingredient: Soba (buckwheat), Soba Koji

Variety of Ingredient: Soba 

Type of Koji Kin: White (Soba Koji)

Distillation Method: Single (Normal & Less Pressure)

Aged: N/A

Alcohol by Volume: 25%

Food Pairings: Easily paired with both bold and lightly flavored dishes.

Tasting Notes: Using their original creation "Soba Koji" and 100% buckwheat, Kurokabegura presents this blended Otsu-rui Genshu Shochu. The combination of ingredients and technique create a rich, toasted, nutty and semi-sweet Shochu that is easy and pleasant to drink.

Size: 750ml

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Distillery: Kurokabegura(Takara)
Distillery Location: Miyazaki Prefecture
Founded: 1925 (Kurokabegura 1952)   
Profile: Kurokabegura is located in Miyazaki Prefecture, in the nature-rich Takanabe-cho. To the East sits the Hyuga Bay and to the north they overlook the Osuzu mountains. They are very particular about their commitment to quality materials, distillation and aging. Kurokabegura is a result of Takara Shuzo's accumulated skills and tradition, and they invest all their time and effort into making their Shochu.

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