Sho Chiku Bai Classic Junmai Baby


Sho Chiku Bai Classic Junmai Baby


Class: Junmai

Rice: Calrose

Rice-Polishing Ratio: 0.7

Brewery Location: Berkeley, CA

Food Pairings: Lightly seasoned foods, including egg dishes, noodles, rice, sushi, and shrinmp tempura. Also complements moderately flavored firm white cheeses, such as gruyere, manchego,cheddar, and young creamy cheeses such as Brillat Savarin and Saint Andre.

Tasting Notes: Served chilled this Classic Junmai Sake offers a very fine texture with harmonious aromas and flavors of macadamia nuts, Chai spic (cardamom, nutmeg), vanilla, heavy cream and freshly sliced bread.

Size: 180ml

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Founded: 1983

Profile: TAKARA SAKE USA INC., was established in 1983 in Berkeley, California and became a member of TAKARA GROUP, the leading corporation of alcohol related business in Japan. TAKARA has a well of experience producing sake, mirin and shochu, accumuleted over a period of more than one-and-a-half centuries. TAKARA SAKE USA has taken pure snow melt from the Sierra Nevada Mountains and superior rice from the fertile Sacramento Valley. To this, they apply traditional sake-making craftmanship and modern technology to produce a sake worthy of TAKARA mark.

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