Sho Chiku Bai REI Junmai Daiginjo


Sho Chiku Bai REI Junmai Daiginjo


Class: Junmai Daiginjo

Rice: Calrose

Rice-Polishing Ratio: 0.5

Brewery Location: Berkeley, CA

Food Pairings: Sushi, fresh crab, tempura, sukiyaki, yakitori (tare), meat dishes as well as savory desserts, thinly sliced prosciutto and with mild cheese, both firm and soft, such as manchego and camembert, and even grilled cheese sandwiches

Tasting Notes: Rei presents a hint of white flowres, cantaloupe, and honeydew melon. In the mouth, it is smooth and lightly creamy with a savory component that comes further forward as the sake warms gradually in the glass. The delightful fruit and floral notes of this daiginjo make it a delicious all-occasion drink moreso than a typical daiginjo sake, as the soft and full body character of REI Junmai Daigijo opens it to a wider variety of food pairing.

Size: 300ml

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Founded: 1983

Profile: TAKARA SAKE USA INC., was established in 1983 in Berkeley, California and became a member of TAKARA GROUP, the leading corporation of alcohol related business in Japan. TAKARA has a well of experience producing sake, mirin and shochu, accumuleted over a period of more than one-and-a-half centuries. TAKARA SAKE USA has taken pure snow melt from the Sierra Nevada Mountains and superior rice from the fertile Sacramento Valley. To this, they apply traditional sake-making craftmanship and modern technology to produce a sake worthy of TAKARA mark.

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