Nisshin-Shurui Sudachi Chu


Nisshin-Shurui Sudachi Chu


Type of Shochu: Liqueur

Main Ingredient: Ko Rui Shochu, Sudachi

Type of Koji: N/A

Distillation Method: N/A

Aged: N/A

Alcohol by Volume: 20% (40 proof)

Size: 750ml

Food Pairings: Meat dishes, Fried dishes, Sushi, Sashimi  

Tasting Notes: Made using the juice of the Sudachi citrus, which is a Tokushima specialty popular nationwide. Sudachi Shochu retains some of this bitterness, acidity, and a sweet cirtusy aroma. Great in cocktails, on the rocks, with water or club soda, and in cocktails. 

Awards: First Year of Heisei "Superior Hometown Goods Contest" - Grand Cabinet Minister Prize  


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Distillery: Nisshin Shurui   
Founded: 1948   
Profile: Nissin Shurui Co., Ltd. has employed traditional techniques since the middle of the 19th century to brew sake and shochu, and developed a diverse line of other alcoholic beverages including liqueur, fruit sakes and mirin. They are especially esteemed for our Sudachi-chu and Naruto Kintoki Satomusume shochu products which utilize the unique natural bounty of the Awa area.
Nissin Shurui uses modern, eco-friendly equipment in their production line that is veered towards high efficiency and strict quality management. They are ISO 22000 standard Certified.

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