"Hoshiko" Ume Liqueur


"Hoshiko" Ume Liqueur


Type of Shochu: Liqueur

Main Ingredient: Japanese ume plum, Sugar, Vodka and Spices

Distillation Method: N/A

Aged: N/A

Alcohol by Volume: 20%

Distillery Location: Wakayama Prefecture

Food Pairings: Since this is a Japanese liqueur, can be paired with Japanese food. 

Tasting Notes: This rare, delicious and uniquely spiced ume liqueur is a blend by the legendary Japanese bartender Danny Aikawa, whose dream was to create a truly Japanese liqueur to show to the world. It has the enticing aroma of cinnamon and cloves, with a sweet apple pie flavor balanced with mouthwateringly tart Japanese Ume. Excellent for use in fall and winter cocktails, or to enjoy on the rocks as a digestif. 

Size: 750ml

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Brewery: Plum Shokuhin Inc.
Founded: 1688
Profile: A company producing Ume (Japanese Plum) related products (other than "Umeboshi") in Wakayama, Japan. 

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