Joyo Aodani No Ume


Joyo Aodani No Ume


Base: Shochu Based

Ingredient: Jyoshuhaku Ume

Alcohol by Volume: 12%

Aged: 7 Years

Brewery Location: Kyoto

Food Pairings: Chicken Dishes such as Yakitori and Karaage, Vinegar Marinated Dishes, Carpaccio

Tasting Notes: Uses only the highest quality "Joshuhaku Ume" to the fullest of the Plum's potential, extracting the ume juice and aroma as much as possible and then aging for 7 years. It has a mellow flavor that is not too sweet, and a long refreshing aftertaste. 

Size: 750ml

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Distillery: Jyoshu Shuzo 
Founded: 1895   
Profile: Since Ancient times, Jyoshu Brewery's home of Kyoto Aodani has been known for their Ume (Japanese Plums). Since the late Kamakura period and likely even prior, the land was covered in forests of Ume Trees.
Jyoshu is the only brewery that uses sources 100% local Jyoshuhaku Ume from farmers on contract, and the resulting plum wine is aged for seven years to develop the best aroma and flavor. It is highly limited and contains no additives. 

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