Type of Shochu: Liqueur

Main Ingredient: Rice Shochu, Shiso, Sugar

Type of Koji: N/A

Distillation Method: N/A

Aged: N/A

Alcohol by Volume: 7%

Food Pairings: Cheese, Pasta, Meat Dishes  

Tasting Notes: This unique and refreshingly bittersweet liqueur combines low-calorie Kumamoto-distilled Sengetsu Shochu with healthful Kumamoto-grown Red Shiso. The deep red blush and flavor are achieved using no coloring agents, additives or preservatives. Koishiso is enjoyable on the rocks, with club soda, and on vanilla ice cream.  

Awards: Kumamoto Product Promotion Board - Acknowledgement of Excellence

Size: 750ml


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Distillery: Sengetsu Shuzo Co., LTD.
Distillery Location: Kumamoto Prefecture
Founded: 1903   
Profile: Established over 110 years ago, Sengetsu Shuzo produces mainly traditional Rice Shochu. Their name is borrowed from the famous and beloved Hitoyoshi Castle of Kumamoto Prefecture, which also carries a second name "Sengetsu Castle" or Crescent Moon Castle. The current Toji is the 6th distillery head, and he carries with him all the techniques and secrets of his predecessors. 

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