Kuramoto no Umeshu


Kuramoto no Umeshu


Type of Shochu: Rice Shochu Based Liqueur

Main Ingredient: Japanese Ume Plum, Sugar and Rice Shochu

Distillation Method: Compressed

Aged: N/A

Alcohol by Volume: 14%

Distillery Location: Ehime Prefecture

Food Pairings: Nikujyaga, Yakitori, Summer Rolls

Tasting Notes: This Shochu-based plum liquor contains fine pieces of succulent nakoume pulp, giving the beverage a cloudy appearance and more viscous, full-bodied texture. By only using selected premium ingredients with absolutely no additives, the refreshing natural tang and the sweetness of the fully ripened fruit masks the sharpness of the rice Shochu creating well-balanced mellow liquor.

Size: 750ml

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Brewery: Eikoo Brewery
Founded: 1968
Profile: Eikoo Brewery is located in Ehime prefecture. They produce premium quality sake, liqueur and fermented seasoning since 1968. 

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