Piritto Togarashi Umeshu


Piritto Togarashi Umeshu


Base: Sake

Ingredient: Akaiwa Plums

Alcohol by Volume: 8.5

Aged: 2 years

Brewery Location: Okayama Prefecture

Food Pairings: Yakiniku, Shrimp or Crab Shumai, Fried Crab Craw, Grilled Anago, Fried Octopus, Dashimaki Tamago, Raw Oysters, Grilled Sweet Fish "Ayu"

Tasting Notes: Locally grown red chili pepper "Hime Togarashi" is blended into this Plum Sake made from local green plums and high quality Junmai sake. The chili adds a kick to the rich, sweet, and slightly sour Umeshu and it makes the liqueur a favorite to many. Has a complex yet unique flavor that will whet the appetite. Enjoy chilled, or even on the rocks.

Awards: 2011 Chicago International Contest, Liqueur Category Silver Medal (Highly Recommended),  88 points

Size: 200ml

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Distillery: Muromachi
Founded: 1688   
Profile: Muromachi Shuzo uses the only pure strain of Sake Rice in Japan, the rare & difficult to cultivate Omachi rice, as well as some of the best water in Japan, "Omachi Spring Mineral Water". They believe in unique high quality sake.
The brewery has worldwide renown and recognition in various competitions.

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