Saika Yuzu Shu


Saika Yuzu Shu


Size: 720ml

Alcohol by Volume: 7% to 8%

Aged: None

Brewery Location: Wakayama Prefecture

Food Pairings: Meat dishes, cheese and oil-based dishes.

Tasting Notes: This is a sake based Yuzu Shu which uses the tart, fragrant juice squeezed from the Yuzu fruit, skin-on. Recommended to be served, straight, on rocks, with soda or warmed.

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Brewery: Kokonoe Saika Co., Ltd

Founded: 1908  

Profile: Kokonoe Saika was founded in 1908 and brewed vinegar. The founder's vision was to create a finer vinegar and their approach was by making good quality sake kasu, which was a raw ingredient in making vinegar. In 1934, the company's vision expanded to creating sake that is suitable for the dining table. As an extension of the founder's vision, today Kokonoe Saika aims to bring finer vinegar to the dining table, while producing their own quality raw materials for their products. Currently, most of the sake rice used to brew sake is grown by the company's relatives locally in Wakayama. It's by-product sake kasu is used in brewing vinegar. They only use a in-house developed sake for their liquors.