Tatenokawa Nigori Umeshu


Tatenokawa Nigori Umeshu


Base: Liqueur

Ingredient: Nankobai Ume

Alcohol by Volume: 11.50%

Aged: Less than 1 year

Brewery Location: Yamagata Prefecture  

Tasting Notes: An unfiltered Umeshu (plum sake) made with Daiginjo grade sake. It contains a generous amount of Ume fruit - not only the juice, but the fruit as well. The unfiltered aspect is from that plummy pulp, which lends a higher viscosity and depth than would be possible in most other Umeshu. 

Awards: 2011 Tenman Tenjin Plum wine Competition - Received Most Votes
Received Award from Governor of Osaka Prefecture

Size: 720ml

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Distillery: Tatenokawa Brewery   
Founded: 1832   
Profile: Tatenokawa Brewery - the producer of Tatenokawa Junmai Daiginjo - is based in Yamagata Prefecture, which is known as a fruit kingdom in Japan. Their Liqueurs are low in alcohol, and sipping them is just like biting into a fruit - truly a drink you can "eat". Perfect for those of us who don't drink often, or who cannot handle alcohol well. 

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