Tsukinoi Organic Umeshu


Tsukinoi Organic Umeshu


Size: 500ml

Alcohol by Volume: 10% to 11%

Aged: None

Brewery Location: Ibaraki prefecture

Food Pairings: As aperitif, carpaccio, cheese, demi-glace sauce

Tasting Notes: Organic (JAS certified) Nankou plums and green plums are soaked in organic junmai sake (Wa no Tsuki).

An extra-dry umeshu with no added sugar, Tsukinoi's umeshu has the distinctive tartness of Japanese plums making it a suitable drink to simulate appetites before meals.

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Brewery: Tsukino-I Shuzo Ten

Founded: 1865   

Profile: Tsukinoi Brewery, known as the sea-breeze brewery located in Ibaraki prefecture on Japan’s Pacific coast, has a 150-year history of Sake making. They are positioning themselves as an organic junmai brewery. Because they care deeply about the materials used in their products, they select organic sake rice for use in brewing..