Kura Whisky


Kura Whisky


Item#: 9900

Size and Case Count: 750ml./6 bottles

Alcohol %: 80pf

Tasting Note: With a distinctlly peaty note, the exceptional Kura Pure Malt is the end result of careful aging in American White Oak. Finished in rum casks, there is a remarkable smoky taste that is complimented by hints of toffee and chocolate. Made in the subtropical climate of Okinawa, the permanence of this unique island imbues this premium spirit. Crafted in exceptionally small quantities. 

Has a pleasant bitterness and full-bodied depth with spice, peat-like character, and a hint of aniseed and candied ginger.

Limited release. 

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Distiller: Helios Distillery

Distiller’s Profile:  Tsukinoi Brewery, known as the sea-breeze brewery located in Ibaraki prefecture on Japan’s Pacific coast, has a 150-year history of Sake making.

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