Kura Whisky


Kura Whisky


Item#: 9900

Size and Case Count: 750ml./6 bottles

Alcohol %: 80pf

Tasting Note: Kura the Whiskey is distilled from 100% grain malt that is then flavorized with Hokkaido peat and aged in the distillery's rum casks; a unique marriage of Japan's diverse geography. This Whiskey is aged for 3 years in Rum casks to soften the mouthfeel of this It is wildly aromatic from the Hokkaido peat and yet smooth on the palate.

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Distiller: Helios Distillery

Distiller’s Profile:  Helios Distillery is better known for their local Shochu: Awamori as well as for their craft Rum production. The majority of these spirits are sold and consumed domestically in Japan and only a small portion are exported to the U.S. market. Due to the high heat and humidity of Okinawa, Angel's Share (i.e. the rate of evaporation in ageing vessels for their spirits) is high; it is said that 3 years of age in Okinawa is the equivalent of 12 years in Scotland.

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