Chateau Mercian Ensemble - Moegi


Chateau Mercian Ensemble - Moegi


Type: Chardonnay & Koshu

Item#: 5051  

Size: 750ml.

Case Count: 12 Bottles

Region: Yamanashi and Nagano Prefecture

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Vineyard: Chateau Mercian   

Founded: 1877   

Vineyard Notes: The first private winery in Japan called Dainihon Yamanashi Budoshu was established in 1877. Two winemakers were sent to France to learn authentic winemaking, and their spirits still exist in the winery together with their state-of-the-art technology. They are proud of being the leader of winemaking in Japan, and participate actively in the local seminars and meetings to share their skills with the winemakers of other companies in the area, hoping to promote the improvement of technology. Thanks to this positive attitude towards sharing and learning, Japanese wines have a higher status now than ever before, and have received a multitude of awards in world competitions. The grapes used for Chateau Mercian are mainly from Yamanashi and Nagano Prefecture, and some are from northern Japan, where duration of sunlight is longer and the rainfall level is minimal.