About Us

The Premier Japanese Food, Alcohol Beverage and Restaurant Supply Specialist since 1926

Mutual Trading Co., Inc. was founded in 1926 as a small co-op organization for early Japanese immigrants in Southern California. We have steadily expanded our business since then, establishing branches throughout United States.  New York Mutual Trading was established in 1974 as main business base for east coast operation.  We currently distribute over 5,000 items from our one hundred forty thousand (140,000) square feet warehouse in Secaucus, NJ. 

Mutual Trading pioneered the importing of Japanese Premium Sake, Jizake into United States in 1990s.  We cultivated the way to introduce small batch breweries into United States.  Sakes are available in most of the states, partnering with local distributors throughout United States.

We consider ourselves as “Culinary Ambassador”.  We have launched the Sushi Institute of America (www.sushi-instituteofamerica.com/) in 2008 partnering with Katsuya Group.  We also established the Sake School of America (http://www.sakeschoolofamerica.com/) in 2010, the only SSI (Sake Service Institute) certified courses in the United States. 

New York Mutual Trading also makes great strides for the culinary professional.  We opened restaurant professional store, MTC Kitchen (www.mtckitchen.comlocated at 711 3rd Avenue, New York, NY 10017 in Manhattan in 2009.  You will find top hand crafted Japanese knives, imported Japanese tableware, and variety of kitchenware and equipment.  We set standard in Japanese food business.