Hyaku Moku Alt.3


Hyaku Moku Alt.3



Rice: Special-A Grade Yamada Nishiki from Miki-shi

Rice-Polishing Ratio: Classified

Brewery Location: Hyogo

Food Pairings: White fish butter meuniere. Superb match with light yet flavorful fresh ingredients .

Tasting Notes: Alt.3 is the third offering from the new lineup of Kiku Masamune, a brewery representing the finest in sake for over 350 years. While most sake brewers do not (and Can Not) blend batches, this new style of sake is a blend of several different Yamada Nishiki "Special A" grade brews, selected and carefully blended by their skilled master blender. Opens brightly and full-bodied, and then blossoms into a harmony of sweet, bitter and fresh flavors that simply beg for another sip.

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Brewery: Kiku Masamune Sake
Founded: 1659

Profile: In April of 2016, for the very first time in 130 years, Kiku Masamune launched the new brand "Hyaku Moku" named for the Japanese idiom that expresses the profound impact of "100 Silences". The brand is driven by a modern concept of complementing all kinds of food, which is in contrast with the smooth, dry flavor that Kiku Masamune is known for. The initial launch was limited to 400 restaurants in Hyogo prefecture. This is a popular souvenir at the Kiku Masamune Sake Brewery Museum.

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