Amabuki Kyoto Matcha Yuzu Sake


Amabuki Kyoto Matcha Yuzu Sake


Size: 720ml

Alcohol by Volume: 6%

Aged: Less than 1 year

Brewery Location: Saga Prefecture

Food Pairings: Use for cocktails, in deserts, or serve on the rocks.

Tasting Notes: Both tart and refreshing, this unique Matcha liqueur (with a hint of yuzu!) is a made with pure Junmai sake, fine Kyoto matcha powder and the aromatic subterranian waters of Mount Sefuri - a historically significant mountain between Saga and Fukuoka prefectures. It was on this mountain over 800 years ago that the Buddhist priest Eisai planted the very first tea tree seeds after his return to Japan from Song dynasty China.

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Brewery: Amabuki Shuzo Co., Ltd.

Founded: 1688  

Profile: Amabuki brewery is located in the center of Northern Kyushu. The area is known for bountiful harvests of sake rice and the smooth groundwater of Mt. Sefuri. Continuing their ancestor's legacy, Amabuki uses flower yeasts to give their sake a new twist and unique personalities. It is Amabuki's mission to create aromatic sakes to be enjoyed at leisure and relaxation.