Saika Nigori Umeshu


Saika Nigori Umeshu


Size: 720ml

Alcohol by Volume: 10% to 11%

Aged: None

Brewery Location: Wakayama Prefecture

Tasting Notes: This drink is made by straining the plum pulp from Saika Umeshu and mixing it with the filtered Umeshu. This a genuine Umeshu that combines refreshing aroma and acidity of plum with the rich flavors of sake. Recommended to serve on rocks or for use in cocktails such as Daquiris.

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Brewery: Kokonoe Saika

Founded: 1908   

Profile: Kokonoe Saika was founded in 1908 with the principal purpose of producing vinegar. The founder's vision was to create premium vinegar using high quality sake kasu (or lies): the main raw ingredient in their vinegar. In 1934, the company's vision expanded to brew sake fit for the dining table. Today, Kokonoe Saika produces both high quality vinegar as well as jizake. Currently, most of the sake rice used to brew sake is grown by the company's relatives locally in Wakayama. The bi-product of the sake rice kasu is used to brew their vinegar. Kokonoe Saika only uses sake for the production of their in-house spirits; the foundation of their umeshu.