Torikai Pink Jelly Rock

Shochu Brand: Torikai,
Rice Shochu

Time: 30 sec.

3oz Torika
1 Large spoon of Pink Grapefruit Jelly
Fresh Thyme
Pink Grapefruit Jelly - Fresh P.Grape fruit juice. 250cc
Simple syrup(30%) 50cc
Gelatin 6g
Chopped Fresh Grape fruit Peal

Directions: Make Torikai on the rock. Pour in Pink Grapefruit jelly. Put Thyme on the top as an accent and for additional aroma. Place spoon on side to mix troika and pink grapefruit jelly while drinking.

Comment: Chopped Pink Grapefruit peel is great accent and texture. Make sure slice off the white part of the pink grapefruit skin while you are making the jelly.